Roll Call of the Suez Maru men

Royal Navy

- H.M.S Jupiter

Able Seaman John Affleck            

British Army

- 3rd King's Own Hussars

Trooper George Alton     

Lance Corporal William Barson

Trooper Ellis Bennett     

Corporal Norman Buck      

Trooper Ralph Butler

Trooper Charles Callaghan

Trooper Sidney Carter

Corporal Robert Dickson      

Lance Corporal Norman Dunning

Trooper Frederick Edwards      

Sergeant Major Alfred Emery

Sergeant Albert Farmer

Trooper Victor Harrison

Corporal Frank Jarvis

Trooper Harold King

Trooper Edgar Marriott

Trooper Henry Martin

Corporal George Morris

Trooper Ernest Page

Trooper William Perry

Corporal George Powell

Corporal George Preece     

Trooper Wilfred Pritchard

Corporal William Stanford

Corporal Edward Stigant

Trooper Walter Turner

Trooper Arnold Williams

Corporal Ernest Williams

Lance Corporal Kenneth Williamson

- Reconnaissance Corp

Private William Denyer      

- Intelligence Corps

Lance Corporal William Stringfellow

- Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers

Private Roland John Phillips          

- Royal Engineers     

Sapper David William Hutchins

- General List

Captain Harold George Davey

- Royal Army Ordnance Corps

Lance Corporal Hilary Raymond Cooper

Private William Entwistle

Private Percy Wood

-Royal Army Service Corps

Driver Thomas Beesley

Driver Richard Bumpus

Driver George Edward Burns

Driver Allan Crowther

Driver Frank Edmonson

Driver Robert McCallum

Driver Arthur Edward Glennon

Sergeant Thomas Freeman Hall

Private Alexander Murphy

Private John Roberts

Sergeant Ronald Sweeny

Lance Corporal Albert Thorpe

Driver Ronald Taylor

Driver William Joseph Tregaskis

- Royal Signals

Driver William Arnold

Signalman Ronald Brooks

Corporal William Arthur Clarke

Signalman John James Digsby

Signalman Robert Edmondson

Signalman Alexander Fullerton

Driver Robert Henry Glover

Signalman George Hyde

Signalman Ernest Jones

Signalman Cyril Lund

Lance Corporal Patrick McHugh

Signalman James McManus

Signalman Jack Mold

Driver Horace Oldfield

Signalman Hubert Morris Reynolds

Signalman Jimmy Ivor Griffen Sharpe

Lance Corporal Ewart Gladstone Waring

Royal Artillery

- 21st LAA Regiment, 48 Bty

Gunner Jack Davis

Gunner Edwin Dring           

Gunner Harry Joseph          

Sergeant Leslie Frederick Spence     

Gunner George Victor Henry Steventon     

Gunner Stanley Stoneham     

Gunner Charles Frank Wilkinson     

Lance Bombardier Leslie Woodman

Gunner Abraham Yudkin

- 21st LAA Regiment, 69 Bty

Gunner Richard James Davenport

Gunner Gerald Grant

Bombardier James Ypres Griffin

Gunner Peter Rigby

Gunner Lawrence Henry Sunley

- 21st LAA Regiment, 79 Bty

Gunner William John Bennell

Gunner John Harold Cook

Bombardier Douglas Charles Emms

Gunner Leslie Ernest Fitch

Gunner Charles Herbert Foster

Gunner Victor Cyril Saban

Gunner Kenneth Smith

Gunner Sidney Stearn          

- 35th LAA Regiment, 78 Bty

Gunner Herbert King Falconer

- 35th LAA Regiment, 89 Bty

Gunner John Thomas Ashby      

Bombardier Edwin Bowins      

Bombardier Sidney John Lintott

- 6th HAA Regiment, 12 Bty

Gunner Arthur Boswell     

Gunner James Michael Hurley

Gunner Frederick Charles Osbourne

Gunner Edward Steedman     

Gunner Christopher Thomas Wayman     

- 6th HAA Regiment, 15 Bty

Lance Bombardier Thomas Bessant

Gunner Lewis Jones          

Gunner James Meadows          

Gunner John Louis Neville     

Gunner Robert Frederick Palmer

Gunner Edwin Sampson Stanley     

Gunner William Steed          

Sergeant George Michael Toole     

Gunner Thomas Edward Varney     

- 77th HAA Regiment, 239 Bty

Lance Bombardier John Agar

Gunner Leonard Bailey           

Gunner Nelson Frederick Baxter

Gunner James Walter Bogie      

Bombardier William Henry Butler      

Gunner George Coleman      

Gunner Thomas Couley           

Gunner John Samuel Davies

Gunner Jack Frith

Gunner Walter Garner

Gunner Henry Charles George      

Lance Sergeant Maurice Grady

Lance Bombardier Harold Guest      

Gunner Bernard Walter Jones      

Gunner Joseph William Jones      

Gunner Windsor Jones      

Gunner Walter Knowles

Gunner John Henry Lloyd     

Gunner James Henry Marsh     

Gunner Reginald Percy Medway

Gunner James Mee          

Gunner David Megins

Gunner Henry Milner          

Gunner Alec Morrow           

Gunner Henry Mosley          

Gunner James Murrey          

Gunner Ivor Pope     

Gunner Robert Charles Robertson

Bombardier Norman Sage     

Bombardier Norman Eric Saunders     

Bombardier Henry Scarborough      

Gunner Ernest John Stone     

Gunner William Charles Thomas     

Bombardier Charles William Tinsley     

Gunner Harold Tucker          

Gunner Mark Wardell     

Sergeant Major Charles Oliver Webb

Lance Bombardier William Whitman

- 77th HAA Regiment, 240 Bty

Gunner Reginald Walter Barrett

Bombardier Kenneth Beard      

Lance Bombardier Michael Coughlin

Gunner Raymond William Cowell       

Gunner Frederick George Davis      

Gunner George Dawson

Gunner Robert Alfred Ferguson

Gunner William Percy Gell      

Lance Bombardier Joseph Greaves      

Gunner Arthur Hadley           

Gunner Cecil Thomas Haywood

Bombardier Herbert George Hillier      

Gunner Leonard Wesley John     

Gunner Oscar Thomas Lewis     

Gunner Victor Gordon Prior     

Gunner James Ransome

Gunner Alfred Toon          

Lance Bombardier Francis John Watts     

Gunner Frank Wilson     


-77th HAA Regiment, 241 Bty

Sergeant Thomas Argust      

Gunner Peter Henry Baylis     

Lance Bombardier Horace Blake      

Gunner Sydney William Boyton      

Gunner Sidney Buzzacott

Gunner Albert Smith Clarke      

Lance Bombardier David Coleman

Gunner William Elwyn Davies      

Lance Bombardier Bernard Ellwood     

Gunner John Fawcett     

Gunner William Alexander Gay      

Gunner Clifford Goodier

Gunner William Ernest Gosling      

Gunner Peter Guilar           

Gunner Cecil Harding

Gunner Stanley Ernest Healey      

Bombardier Leonard Hurrell

Lance Bombardier Roy James      

Lance Bombardier Thomas Johnson      

Sergeant William Jones           

Lance Sergeant Charles Alfred Locke     

Gunner Sidney Harold Luxford

Gunner John Marshall          

Gunner Raymond Maskill     

Lance Bombardier Ernest Moulton     

Gunner Cooper Naylor          

Lance Bombardier Reginald Osborne     

Gunner Edward Owens          

Gunner Frederick John Pritchard     

Gunner Thomas Robinson     

Quarter Master Sergeant Reginald Rowe

Sergeant Major Edward Sumption

Lance Bombardier Jack Walker     

Gunner Alan Frederick Webb

- We Will Remember Them -




& Biographies

of the

Suez Maru


Royal Air Force

- 23 Squadron

Leading Aircraftman Fred Minton

- 27 Squadron

Sergeant Noel George Swaffield

- 34 Squadron

Aircraftman Roland George Morgan

- 36 Squadron

Leading Aircraftman Leslie Holman

Leading Aircraftman David Maxwell

- 62 Squadron

Flight Sergeant Claude Henry Bere

Leading Aircraftman James Graveson

Aircraftman Vincent Thomas Shaw

Leading Aircraftman Donald Smith

Corporal John Walter Stedman

Aircraftman Harold Utting

Aircraftman Alan Noel Cliff Walton

- 79 Squadron

Leading Aircraftman John Connett

- 84 Squadron

Corporal Maurice Beatty

Flying Officer Alfred Brentnall

Leading Aircraftman Thomas Bromley

Leading Aircraftman Geoffrey Byng  

Corporal Richard Collingwood

Corporal Henry Chandler

Aircraftman Bernard Coates

Corporal Geoffrey Darwen

Leading Aircraftman John Edis

Aircraftman Fred Gorst

Leading Aircraftman Alan Hambridge

Sergeant Howard Henry Hough

Aircraftman Frank Hoyles

Aircraftman Edward Jones

Corporal Angus McLean

Aircraftman Phillip Pope

Leading Aircraftman Harry Prime

Aircraftman Leonard Ratcliffe

Aircraftman Albert Robertson

Aircraftman John Robson

Leading Aircraftman Bertram John Smith

Leading Aircraftman Stanley Small

Leading Aircraftman Benjamin Stuart

Leading Aircraftman Freddie Taylor

Sergeant William Edwin Tully

Aircraftman John Raymond Vincent

Warrant Officer George Cranston Wright

- 89 Squadron

Sergeant James Douglas MacKillop

- 100 Squadron

Leading Aircraftman Frank Files

Leading Aircraftman Leslie Tozer

- 200 Squadron

Leading Aircraftman Raymond Williams

- 211 Squadron

Aircraftman George Harold Burton

Airman Robert Carroll

Airman Thomas Croston

Airman John Donaldson

Leading Aircraftman James Groombridge

Airman William Alexander Lee

Corporal Rowland Verdun Morris

- 220 Squadron

Leading Aircraftman Joseph Alderson

- 232 Squadron

Leading Aircraftman Alec Brooks

- 242 Squadron

Leading Aircraftman Ingerson Badcock

Aircraftman Arthur William Cousins

Leading Aircraftman William Mason

Aircraftman Ernest William Morris

Aircraftman Raymond Louis Tanguy

Aircraftman George Virgo Wigley

Aircraftman Francis Jesse Wing

- 605 Squadron

Aircraftman Victor Brown

Aircraftman Ernest Edward Checketts

Aircraftman Colin Stuart Earl

Aircraftman John William Harnden

Aircraftman Frank Harris

Aircraftman Reginald Arthur Heath

Flight Sergeant Stanley Kemp

Aircraftman Cecil Love

Leading Aircraftman John Palmer

Leading Aircraftman Leslie Pont

Leading Aircraftman Arthur Reynolds

Aircraftman Derrick William Shouler

Corporal Cyril Geoffrey Tooth

- Royal Air Force (Gen SQN)

Leading Aircraftman Alfred Blakely

Corporal Benjamin Boulton

Sergeant James Broadhurst

Leading Aircraftman Robert Cole

Aircraftman Bernard Dix  

Sergeant Roy Alexander Dodds

Aircraftman Edward Ellison

Corporal Terence Gleeson

Pilot Officer John Henry Godfree

Leading Aircraftman Henry Fawcett

Pilot Officer John Francis Gregg

Corporal Thomas Young Gray

Corporal Herbert Harrison

Leading Aircraftman William Hedgecox

Corporal Edgar Amphion Jones

Corporal Basil Lewis

Leading Aircraftman Edwin Mason

Leading Aircraftman Vivian Maynard

Warrant Officer John McCormack

Corporal Donald Edward North

Leading Aircraftman Joseph Pusey

Corporal Reginald Frederick Reay

Corporal Reginald Thomas Sant

Flight Sergeant Leonard Shimmels

Leading Aircraftman Percy Standley

Aircraftman Frank Taylor

Leading Aircraftman Harold Williams

Leading Aircraftman John Dewi Williams

Leading Aircraftman Edward Williams

- RAF Volunteer Reserve

Corporal Walter James Abbott

Leading Aircraftman Eric Andrews

Corporal Stanley Ashworth

Leading Aircraftman George Barber

Aircraftman David Blackwood

Leading Aircraftman George Brockman

Aircraftman William Forbes Brodie

Aircraftman Donald Brooker

Leading Aircraftman Sidney Chambers

Leading Aircraftman William Chapman

Aircraftman William Dixon

Corporal Charles Phillips Dron

Leading Aircraftman Arthur Farnell

Leading Aircraftman Leslie Frost

Corporal Alan Fulton

Corporal William Gelder

Leading Aircraftman Arthur Gelling

Aircraftman Charles Goldberg    

Corporal Alfred Grunis

Aircraftman Joseph Harbottle Halliday

Leading Aircraftman Robert Hardy  

Aircraftman William Hayes

Aircraftman Walter Hicks

Aircraftman Johnathan Henry Hunt

Leading Aircraftman Roy Hutchinson

Sergeant Dennis Albert Juby

Leading Aircraftman Alfred Kaines

Aircraftman John Thomas Kidd

Aircraftman John Thomas King

Aircraftman Lawrence George King

Aircraftman George Henry Knight

Corporal George Bertram Knightley

Aircraftman William Frederick Knock

Leading Aircraftman Norman Lawe

Leading Aircraftman Neville Lawes

Corporal Harold Lawson

Aircraftman Ronald Leach

Aircraftman Daniel John Leeper

Leading Aircraftman William Leeves

Aircraftman Sam Lindsay

Leading Aircraftman Dennis Lowle

Aircraftman John Robert Martin

Aircraftman Raymond Martin

Aircraftman Matthew Metcalfe

Leading Aircraftman Francis Morgan

Aircraftman Harry Kenneth Mundin

Corporal William Robert Nicholson

Aircraftman William Owen

Aircraftman William George Parsons

Corporal James Permain

Leading Aircraftman Sydney Philpott

Aircraftman Edward John Powell

Aircraftman Stanley Pownall

Leading Aircraftman Albert Prime

Aircraftman Norman Radford

Corporal Ernest Monteith Reid

Aircraftman William Renshaw

Aircraftman Arthur Richardson

Leading Aircraftman Frederick Ringrow

Leading Aircraftman Louis Romain

Aircraftman Donald Shuttleworth

Leading Aircraftman Jack Smart

Leading Aircraftman Arthur Smith

Aircraftman Edward Mert Smith

Aircraftman Herbert Smith

Aircraftman Herbert John Sprake

Leading Aircraftman Eric Staniland

Aircraftman Laurie Taylor

Leading Aircraftman George Teasdale

Aircraftman Arthur Cecil Walker

Leading Aircraftman Charles Watson

Leading Aircraftman Harry Wilcock

Leading Aircraftman Wilfred Yallop

- RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)

Leading Aircraftman Alec Bennett

Corporal John Hart Sim

- RAF Volunteer Reserve

Far East Command, West Group

Acting Corporal William Bell

Leading Aircraftman James Hanley

Aircraftman Victor Sydney Streater

- RAF Volunteer Reserve   - Kallang

Airman Phil Bracegirdle

Corporal Walter Burt

Airman Thomas Islwain Elias

- RAF Volunteer Reserve  - Seletar

Airman Joseph Eric Brant

Corporal Joseph Ernest Carlin

Airman George Mair

Corporal Thomas McPhillips

Airman Geoffrey Niehorster

RAF Volunteer Reserve     - Singapore HQ

Airman Cyril Thomas Dunphy

Airman Brian Filmer

Airman Wilfred Flavell

Airman John Griffith

Airman Leslie Charles Lawson

- RAF Station - Surabaya

Leading Aircraftman Robert McIntyre

Leading Aircraftman Henry Smith

- RAF Station - Tengah

Corporal Stanley Key

- RAF (Transit)

Aircraftman Gordon Leslie Jones

- 81 Repair & Salvage Unit

Airman David Robson Currie

Airman Andrew James Dunlop

Airman William Griffin  

Airman Patrick O’Dwyer Hulley

- 151 Maintenance Unit

Corporal Leslie Brown

- 153 Maintenance Unit

Corporal Stanley Ashworth

Aircraftman Ivanhoe Bonner

Airman Robert Aitken Brown

Airman Horace Creighton Clegg

Airman William Daft

Airman Stanley Entwistle

Airman Thomas John Evans

Airman Albert Fairhurst

Corporal Joseph Renton Foster

Corporal Francis Norman Lees

Airman John Litherland

Aircraftman Robert McGuiness

Airman Hector John Webb

Royal New Zealand Air Force  

- 488 Squadron

Flight Lieutenant Grahame Prebble White

A list of

Dutch Suez Maru

mens names will

follow shortly